The Future for London and Paris Property

As someone who works in the Parisian and London property markets, I often get asked about which city has the most investment potential.

Alex Ross
12:59 PM, Apr 28, 2022

Paris Office Block
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As someone who works in the Parisian and London property markets I often get asked about which city has the most investment potential. With the UK exiting the European union after Brexit this question has went from a financial interest to something of a political one.

People are not really that interested in which one will outperform the other and therefore which one could potentially make the most money in a portfolio.

Rather people seek to validate their own personal preference to how they view the actual process of Brexit. If London property increases in value then that would mean Brexit could be seen as something of a success, on the other side if London property falls then it was a bad idea.

My own opinion is that Brexit will have very little to do with how the respective markets move. Property prices and rates of change have so many moving parts and so many different influences.

I look to attempts to predict house values through computing and I have witnessed so many different disasters there. The property system is too complicated and too chaotic to have one single factor influencing it, no matter how large or contributory it is.

We can look at the background financial platforms, the different central banks and regulatory systems and these in effect have not changed. The ECB and the BOE have their own monetary systems and it is business as usual there.

Possibly the demand on London prices might change if more foreign people left and less arrived with the UK having more control on immigration. But it seems as though the numbers of people in the capital have actually grown. The skills based migration system that has been brought in has allowed migration to rise.

The only way in which there will be a rapid deviation in the 2 cities will be some event that comes at us that we did not prepare for. Something that we cannot predict.

My advice to people on enquiry about which one is going to do better is that both will be fine and will progress at fall much on the same trajectory. Really on something as important as property and land, Brexit has very little impact, so far.

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