Internet Services Sabotaged in France

As a real estate consultant working across the full European area, I've had difficulties working this morning.

Henry Ross
12:26 PM, Apr 27, 2022

Fibre Optic Cables
Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

We've had some issues connecting to remote French locations today. Servers have been unavailable, emails not getting through.

It now looks likely that this was sabotage of sorts which raises worrying questions when your business is pretty much fully online.

It appears there has been a coordinated cutting of fibre optic cables at more than one location. Which suggests this is something more than just a crank after a bottle of wine.

These locations are not public and someone knowing what to go for suggests intelligence along with coordination.

I've had issues with national infrastructure fibre lines twice before, once a digger cut lines somewhere and once a building was flooded and lost power. On both these occasions I was working in large financials who were wiped out for a day until someone went and put the lines back together again.

I'm guessing that people who engage in this don't just pat each other on the back and go for a quick drink. I'm worried that this is the beginning of a series of events.

So w're looking to mitigate this but really there is not that much you can do in isolation. We can look at getting 5g connections, but they might themselves go through the fibre. We can look at satellite which is slightly costly but again it might keep us online but it wont guarantee the people we want to deal with are still online.

Also if our public sites are down then it's going to stop people finding the businesses and services I help create.

We certainly need answers on this quickly.